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  اخر خبرLuxury Suitcases RIMOWA for the Ultimate Journey Experience
Luxury Suitcases RIMOWA for the Ultimate Journey Experience
Music Nation - 2019-10-21 :

The wise man said that the longest journey begins with the first step. But today it would also be worth adding that the journey begins, continues and comes to an end with luggage. And the special luck is if your suitcase combines perfect design, durability, high-end materials and usability. Such as any of the iconic RIMOWA suitcases, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Luggage in the World, which inspires thousands of travelers to explore the world and make their first steps towards new horizons again and again.

The journey of RIMOWA started in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, and the company had the name Görtz & Morszeck. It was a small family business, manufacture of the hardwearing wood cases with excellent stability and lightweight construction. The manufacturing of steamer trunks, instrumental cases and suitcases for discerning travelers in the original form came to an end in the 1930s, when most of the materials burned in the fire at the factory. Only aluminum left intact, and the company began to use metal cases.

In 1937 RIMOWA presented very first aluminum trunk. 1950 was the year when the world first saw the iconic design of suitcases with parallel grooves, drawing inspiration from the golden age of aviation, in particular, the legendary aircraft Junkers F13. Originally the parallel grooves were designed for stabilizing the thin aluminum, but eventually, they became the hallmark of RIMOWA`s unique style. The company revealed another revolutionary solution in 2000 – it was the first polycarbonate luggage, a versatile light, and a durable product, resistant to extreme conditions.

Today RIMOWA is a benchmark for craftsmanship and innovation. For more than 120 years the company adheres to the principle of combining heritage with modern technologies. The craftsmen, designers, and engineers have been working for decades to produce the world`s finest luggage across generations. Exploring the new materials, forms, and functions, RIMOWA always aimed at making durable and elegantly simple products. These principles have led to the company`s recognition as the leader of the luxury luggage producers among the stylish and discerning travelers. The experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards acknowledged the brand`s perfectionism too and recognized RIMOWA as The Best Luxury Luggage in the World.

The company makes suitcases of two basic materials: aluminum and polycarbonate. Each of these materials is extremely durable and good-looking, and every type of traveler will find a perfect collection of RIMOWA suitcases for his purposes. The brand’s catalog includes luggage for active and purposeful travelers, waterproof cases for professional photographers, reporters and film crews, compact suitcases for pilots and stewardesses. There is also a great variety of sizes and colors, which provides an opportunity for everyone to express themselves through the RIMOWA luggage.

The creativity of the RIMOWA`s engineers and designers has always been going hand in hand with innovations. It was expressed not only in the pioneering experience of implementation of aluminum and polycarbonate in the manufacturing of suitcases. In 2001 Multiwheel system, patented by RIMOWA, was upgraded. Since then each suitcase was equipped with durable double spinner wheels that turn effortlessly through 360°. Each case has super-secure TSA locks, which are easy to set and unlock; if TSA agents need to check the case, they will be able to open it safely.

One of the company`s slogans is “Never still”, which expresses RIMOWA`s philosophy. Always chase the mastery, because it’s a life-long trip. Do never stand still, move forward, and RIMOWA luggage will be your reliable partner in this endless journey.

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